Casa Trabanco

Materias Primas {+PHOTOS}


We are country folk, and it shows in our character, in the ways in which we lead our lives and in our kitchen. We only use locally grown natural products: almost from nature to plate. Our "fabada" was named one of the best "fabadas" in the "Best Fabada in the World 2013" contest. We grow, pick out and cook the butter beans used in this stew. But there's more:


We are fishmongers at Rula de Luarca, and our fish is fresh-caught daily by our own boat "Madre Victoria".

That is where our traditional dishes, whether grilled or stewed, come from. The aroma of the sea is ever-present in our kitchens.


We grow our own vegetables. The earth gives us the best of each season. We care for the produce from seed to your plate.

We have been instilled with old traditions: freshly-slaughtered "compango", corn "esfollaza" (husking), bread made with our own flour, homemade desserts made with cream from local milk, etc.

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Casa Trabanco Carretera de Lavandera, N. 3255 33350 - Gijón - Asturias +34 985 136 462